Oak Shores

Jenks Bait & Tackle Fishing Report

Date: 2019-07-19


Fishing for Walleyes has been difficult this week but that does not mean they are not biting. Do not get stuck fishing the "usual" spots right now. Water temperatures are excessively high and the Walleye have gone deeper. Fish deeper cover I would say 20 feet and below. Trolling over the deep water can still prove effective but send the baits down deeper than usual. Possibly consider including a Flicker Minnow or another deeper diver in your trolling spread. Leeches and crawlers (in that order) can be effective as well on 1/4 oz jigs and lindy rigs. 3-Way Crankbait rigs have also proven effective in the deeper water putting along at 1-2 mph using the trolling motor. The important thing to remember when fishing deep is to be fishing some form of cover.


Musky fishing, like the Walleye, has gone deeper due to rising water temperatures. Musky may come up for your baits if you are running them at the usual 9-13 foot depths, but you may want to try to send them down a bit deeper when applicable. Mattlocks and larger Jakes and Grandmas are solid choices. If you are opposed to trolling and insist on casting, your best bet will probably be on the south end with a good jerkbait or cowgirl as the south end gets less direct sunlight than the north end. Good reports out of Round Lake for trolling in Hinton Bay! Troll along the deep edges that come off the shoreline! A cautionary note...these surface temps are fatal to Muskies so in the event you catch one, make sure you know how to safely release the fish and be sure to minimize its time out of the water as well as its stress.


Pike fishing has been very slow this week. Most likely due to the water temperatures and the fact that most people fish spinners and spoons for them in the thicker shallower weeds. Odds are they have gone deeper so you may pick one up while fishing Walleye or Musky in the deeper water.


Crappie, like the other species, have gone deep as well. Bog fishing in the early am and at night has still been successful, however, during the day, you may want to check out deeper cribs and brushpiles. Crappie Minnows, and the usual Crappie Plastics are the way to go.


The Bluegill have been biting off of deeper brush piles. The average size of the fish has been smaller than we would like however. Leafworms and Waxies would both be solid choices for the Gills.


Bass fishing has been quiet. Not a lot of reports on bass fishing in general this week. I would imagine they would be deep as well. Sending a nightcrawler down into the cribs would be a pretty solid strategy if you are targeting Bass.


This week's forecast looks to be in the mid 70s to low 80s for highs and mid 50s to mid 60s for lows. The outlook for the week is sunny until Friday where we will be expecting some light showers.

Water Level

Full pool

Water Temp

High 70s to Low 80s

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