Oak Shores

Jenks Bait & Tackle Fishing Report

Date: 2019-09-14


The Walleye bite is still relatively slow. They are biting but the issue has been finding them. Their patterns have not been consistent day to day yet in recent weeks. Best thing to do is to try different approaches and tactics. Crawlers and Medium and Large Walleye Minnows are probably your best bet. Flicker Shads are also a solid choice if you choose to troll. Don't get hung up on one kind of structure. Work a variety of spots until you find them.


Musky fishing has been solid since the Labor Day Weekend. The sucker bite has been getting better and better every day. Bucktails and Rubber Baits have also been effective. With the warmer temperatures coming this week trolling should prove to be productive as well.


Pike have finally turned back on a bit in the last few days. A lot of pike action has been reported on Tinseltail Spinnerbaits....particularly on the pinks, silvers, and golds. Weedless spoons have also been productive. Shallow weedbeds seem to be where they are currently at at the moment.


Crappies have picked up around the cribs and brushpiles lately. As always Crappie Minnows are your best bait of choice, but Gulp Alive Minnows and Crappie Scrubs have also been effective.


Bluegills have been very good around the cribs the last several days on Leaf Worms and Waxworms. Most are being caught on accident by Crappie fishermen but they are very active around the deep cover.


Live Bait Update: Suckers are still a bit hard to come by. This weekend we have 4 dozen available between all 3 sizes. As time goes on we are hoping that the situation will improve a bit but we will see. Stay tuned or call us here at Jenk's for up to date updates on the sucker situation. If you want a large sucker order, you are advised to call at least a week in advance so we can give our wholesalers some advance notice.


Temperatures this week look to be awesome! This weekend will be in the low to mid 70s, and then Monday thru Wednesday will be in the low 80s! The tail end of the week through the following weekend looks to be in the mid 70s. Expect some light showers next weekend on Saturday and Sunday.

Water Level

2.5 feet down

Water Temp

low to mid 60s

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