Jenks Bait & Tackle Fishing Report

Date: 2020-07-10


Water surface temperatures have finally gone down a bit. It is still relatively higher than ideal however. I would say that while Walleyes may come up to bite a bit in that 6-12 foot range in the evening, during the day they will still stay in those deeper basins with nice cover on the bottom. Leeches are still the go to, however, I have been informed as of this morning that this could potentially be the last week for leeches. So if you want some I bought a lot for this weekend so everyone has the opportunity to stock up before they go away for the season.


Water temps are back down so it is safer to fish for Musky this week than it was last. That said the water temperatures are still relatively high so make sure you are diligent in your catch and release techniques. Water temperatures have been in the high 70s for the past two days so given that the water is still warmer than what the Musky like trolling deeper basins should be productive. Mattlocks, 13 inch Grandmas, 14 inch Jakes, and 10 inch Cranes are all solid choices to include in your trolling spread. If you are a caster, I would limit your fishing to later evening and very early morning with bucktails and surface baits.


Pike have been very quiet this week. You may see some pike move a bit shallower and back into the weeds now that water temps have dropped a bit. If so Tinseltails are the trick this time of year.


Crappie are still on the bogs at night. Crappie minnows, tube jigs, Gulp! 1 inch Minnows, Crappie Scrubs, and Mini-Mites are all performing very well. Get to the bog early to reserve your spot as many people have been fishing the bogs at night for Crappie.


Smallmouth are still in the shallows around stumps and rocks primarily on the East Side. Ned Rigs and Whopper Ploppers have both been very effective as reported by several local guides.


This week will be warm but not quite as ridiculously hot as last week. Highs will be in the mid 70s to low 80s all week. Lows at night are looking to drop to the mid 50s to mid 60s. Expect some rain on Tuesday.

Water Level


Water Temp

78-81 Degrees